Employment Benefits
  1. Monthly Salaries
  2. Sick Leave
  3. Vacation
  4. Medical Insurance
  5. Training in new techologies
  6. Relocation assistance
  7. Processing of H1-B Visa
  8. Processing of Green Card

eSource's greatest assets are our people and we take pride in their expertise and experience. We believe in attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry by offering competitive compensation, benefits, continued training and a challenging work environment.

For a successful business there needs to be a team effort. All ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of teamwork.

Our success is directly linked to your efforts and dedication at our client's site. eSource is constantly on the lookout for people who are:

  1. Focused on customer satisfaction
  2. Highly experienced professionals with leadership qualities
  3. Single-minded in their dedication to be the very best in their respective domains
  4. Continuously devoted to finding innovative solutions that solve real-world business problems
  5. Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships
  6. Team-oriented
  7. Seeking to make a significant contribution

We know that our strength lies in that of the people we work with, and we help them to make the most of their skills and talents.

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